Massage Therapy

Summit Chiropractic Chiropractor Adjusting Patient

Rebuild Your Health

Summit Regenerative Health is proud to have highly qualified, experienced Massage Therapists on staff.

For those patients that have a connective/soft tissue injury, trigger points, sprains/strains or just simply tight muscles from stress, massage therapy at Summit Regenerative Health will help you recover faster.

For those with nerve-based injuries, the combination of specific Chiropractic treatments and therapeutic massage will help to minimize your inflammation.

Our Chiropractors working closely with our Massage Therapists to coordinate care and recommend specific treatment protocols.

Many insurance plans are now reimbursing for massage therapy. Contact us to see if your policy offers you this benefit!

Types of Message

Our Message Therapists are experts in numerous techniques and soft tissue approaches, including:


Sports Massage


Rehabilitative Massage


Sacro-Occipital Technique


Hot Stone & Reiki


Deep Tissue Message


Swedish Message