Chiropractic services offer several unique benefits for pregnant women, ranging from simple pain relief to shorter childbirths. If you are still skeptical of the positive effects of chiropractic care during pregnancy, check out some of the top benefits listed below.


Shorter Childbirths

You might be surprised to learn that chiropractic care may shorten the duration of childbirth. First-time mothers normally endure 14 hours of labor on average, whereas mothers who already have children experience 8 hours. However, a recent study found that pregnant women who receive chiropractic care have 25% shorter childbirths. This is due to the fact that a professional chiropractor can align the baby so it’s in the best possible position for birth.


Prevents and Corrects Misaligned Pelvis

A professional chiropractor may also be able to prevent or correct problems associated with a misaligned pelvis. During those nine long months of pregnancy, the womb will continue to grow so it may accommodate the ever-growing fetus inside. In some cases, the growing womb will bump into the pelvis, dislodging it from its normal position. Pregnant women who experience a misaligned pelvis often report symptoms such as back pain, neck pain and inflammation.


Prevents Edema

Edema (or water retention) is an all-too-common side effect experienced by women during pregnancy. Some estimates suggest that nearly half of all pregnant women will experience this condition, with edema usually occurring in the fingers, face, back, feet and ankles. The good news is that a professional chiropractor can help flush water from your body through a series of spinal adjustments, manipulations, and massage therapy.


Relieve Back Pain

The added weight of growing baby may disrupt a pregnant woman’s normal posture, causing her to slouch over when walking and standing. As a result, this can lead to back pain and inflammation. A chiropractic can help correct posture issues such as this, ensuring that your spine is straight and not curved in an unnatural ankle or direction.


Morning Sickness

Of course, chiropractic care may also prove beneficial in curbing nausea during pregnancy. Also known as morning sickness, nausea is a symptom that most women will experience at least once during their pregnancy, the degree to which varies. However, a chiropractor can often reduce the severity and/or frequency of morning sickness episodes by correcting subluxations within the body. When the musculoskeletal system is knocked out of alignment, it may trigger bouts of nausea, which is why it’s important for pregnant women to seek chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis.